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Description: Lightweight easily absorbed hand cream with built in UV protection.


Skin type: All.


Benefits: Guards against sun induced pigmentation helping reduce sun spots and age spots.
Essential oils of Lavender, Tea Tree and Rosewood provide an antiseptic quality and pleasing aroma.
Absorbs easily with no greasy after feel.


Key ingredients: Avobenzone provides protection against UVA rays while Octinoxate guards from UVB offering a broad spectrum sunscreen.
Sunflower and Soybean oil provide emolliency and nourishment leaving skin and cuticles soft and moisturised.
Hyaluronic acid and Glycerine hydrate the skin.

Silicones seal increasing the skins barrier function.


How to use: Massage regularly into hands and cuticles to combat dryness and keep skin supple especially after washing hands.

Apply 30 minutes before UV exposure for full sunscreen protection.


Size: 100ml


Hand & Nail Rescue Cream

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